The 11 of july of the 2000 I start sending videos attached in e-mails. First I sent it to a small list of 25 people, all artist and curator friends of mine, but slowly the list of subscribers became more than 1300, I stop sending videos on august 2006.

There were people from US, Caracas, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, and Mexico receiving a video-mail every week, and the list has become a certain forum because with the use of the "REPLY ALL" button, everybody could send his opinion or send some file (video, MP3, or pictures).

The video-mail included a text explaining how the forum is growing and a small intro or dedicatory to the video.

I also send sites of Festivals, tips on how to do digital video, and where you can see more video on-line to promote the consumption and production of the thing that I like the most: video.



Why so small?

The video-mails are from 16 to 26 seconds, the weight is lees than 500k, 'cause that's the top that my e-mail account accepts as an attachment.

Why so short and every tuesday?

I want to practice video making, in a very dynamic sense, so I start doing brief animations that help me to "get in fit". Tuesday it's the day I cannot use my car, 'cause a ecological program that Mexico city has.


Why in a list?

I believe that people interested in art are just a few, if you rest to this number the people that are interested in video-art, we are less. So why not use the e-mail to get to those few that have the same vision, the same needs.

Why by e-mail?

I saw in the "forward instint" that every people used to send stupid jokes, the perfect medium to promote my work, and to know the work of other people that have the same interests.