Joseph Lefèvre | jocool

Born in 1954 in Verdun, France. Live and work in Montreal since 1977. Multimedia artist Joseph Lefèvre specializes in the production of digital artworks, media and interactive installations. Amid his projects, Télénoia, was part of a telematic art performance at GRAM in Montreal (1992), Le café de l'Abattoir was presented at ACM SIGGRAPH'90 Art Show (1990) and Il Pleut sur le Temple at the exhibition Images du Futur, art and new technologies (1987). Among Lefèvre's installation Traces et Contrastes was included in the ISEA'95 Symposium in Monrteal.

The artist has produced interactive art CD-Roms and web sites for the Festival de la nouvelle danse and the Festival du cinéma et des nouveaux médias de Montréal, as well as for the new technologies organizations, SAT - Société des arts technologiques and ISEA - Inter Société pour les Arts Électroniques.